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Welcome to Pixxa

Once upon a time, an ingenious Italian Chef noticed that the people of Rome had become so busy that they just didn’t have time to sit down in his restaurant and enjoy a pizza anymore.
He felt sad for them, so he decided that it was time to take the art of pizza-making to the next level and bring the joy of pizza back to their busy lives.
The hungry Romans loved being able to carry their favourite food around with them, and soon pizza shops started appearing all over Rome.
And so pizza al taglio – pizza by the slice – was born.
Now you too can fit pizza into your busy schedule, because we’ve brought the same revolutionary pizza concept to the streets of London!
Our Pixxa dough is made with the best wheat and soya flours, it’s naturally leavened for a minimum of 48 hours to make it soft and crispy – the true Roman way.

Latest News

    • happiourNew “Happiour‬” deals!!!

      Good morning Londoners!!! take advantage of these offer trough the ‪#‎happiour‬ app. Great deals are coming up stay tuned!! ‪#‎mypixxa‬‪#‎pizzaslice‬ ‪#‎deal‬    

    • gluten free pizza pixxaNew GLUTEN FREE pizza

      Awesome GLUTEN FREE pizza from Pixxa! We import this revolutionary product directly from Rome. Come and try our new GLYTEN FREE PIXXA!

    • 12900098_10206118768107668_1373964250_nTry our new range of homemade desserts!!

      Our classic Tiramisu with: Mascarpone, double cream, egg, sugar, cocoa & pavesini. The classic cheesecake with an Italian touch!! Strawberry cheesecake with: cream cheese, whipped cream,